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About Us

Our running clinics and training programs are supportive and interactive; our classroom sessions are lively and our runs are all that and more...

When you run and train with FITNESSfive42 you become a member of the team where individual success is the group’s success because fitness and active living are best when shared with others.

"To See Change... must Be Change! "

Run to Inspire yourself; run to support others and before you know it you will be a beacon of accomplishment.

We invite you to check out our increasingly popular programming; from our life changing “Chance of a Lifestyle™ – 5K Learn to Run Program, our rewarding “Building to 10K Programs, our ever-challenging “F542 -Speed and Conditioning Program and of course our life changing

Half and Full Marathon Training Programs.

At FITNESSfive42 our goal is to awaken your inner-Olympian. Everyone will go for The Gold when they set, achieve and exceed goals they never thought possible. 

All F542 Training Programs follow a training schedule that builds on daily, weekly and monthly training outcomes. Every participant receives their very own F542 Training Binder with scheduled group training runs, recommended “Homework Runs, Cross-training routines, weekly topics of discussion and dedicated rest days. We provide the environment: you provide the success!

Our beginner to advanced programs have been designed to improve fitness, establish a solid running base, build confidence and above all avoid injury; especially, over-use and too-much too soon type injuries that plague runners who fail to identify realistic goals and commit to a structured training regimen. It has been said that those you fail to plan; plan to fail…

The program offerings at FITNESSfive42 are affordable, accessible and fun…so stop putting it off; it’s time you introduced yourself to your inner Olympian...

...this is your time!