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8 Weeks to the Bluenose Race Weekend; Are you Ready?

Posted on 25 March, 2013 at 23:57
It gives us great pleasure to announce that FITNESSfive42 has been engaged by Johnson Insurance; the official sponsors of this year’s Bluenose 5K Race, to train their employees for “their” Bluenose 5K event.   With FITNESSfive42’s [email protected] Programming their popular 5K - Chance of a Lifestyle™ Program will prepare Johnson employees for the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing their first Bluenose 5K finish line.  The Chance of a Lifestyle™ program essentially comes to the workplace; it eliminates the excuses of not having any time for exercise, or being too busy before and after work etc…the Chance of a Lifestyle™ active living program is delivered to the workplace over the lunch hour and provides facilitated runs and classroom instruction over an 8-week period.  During that time the employees train to run, learn about running and active living and more importantly learn about themselves as they identify, meet and exceed their goals.  They become accountable to themselves and each other…and at the end of the eight weeks they celebrate their hard work by crossing the finish line of their first 5K race.  The benefits of the program are many and influence every aspect of the employees’ lives.  Many runners continue on with their training and enroll in the intermediate 10K programs with the intention of eventually running a Marathon with our advanced Half and Full Marathon training programs. 
In addition to [email protected] Programming The Chance of a Lifestyle™ programs are available and accessible to everyone.  FITNESSfive42 offers evening programs for non-corporate types who want to learn to run and participate in the Bluenose Race Weekend.  Incremental 5K, 10K Half and Full Marathon Programs have been developed using the same team building concept; train together, be accountable and encourage others on your team to be their best.  This formula has been successfully training runners since 2009; and this year will be no exception as FITNESSfive42 will be well represented with runners participating in each of the Bluenose events.  Currently, a 12-week Half Marathon Training Practicum is already underway and both the 5K and 10K programs will join them tomorrow evening, March 26 when they begin their facilitated group training programs.  At FITNESSfive42 we’re with you every step of the way…
And, if scheduling conflicts prevent you from participating in this year’s Bluenose Race; FITNESSfive42 has new programs starting every month and will help you train and prepare for some of Nova Scotia’s Running events; like the Valley Harvest Race Weekend, the Johnny Miles Marathon, The Navy 10K and many more…FITNESSfive42 also offers their increasingly popular Speed & Conditioning Program that keeps runners primed between races and even trains hockey and other sports teams with their tailored “dry-land” training.  Visit to learn more and to see how you can get to know your inner Olympian!  Visit us today…you know you wanna!  Run Strong!   

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