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Speed & Conditioning

Training Program™

Spring Session


The 6-week Speed & Conditioning Program

consists of three 2-week training modules focused on improving speed, form and conditioning. 

Each two week module will develop skills to achieve specific training outcomes that will improve running speed and efficiency.

The facilitated training program is scheduled to meet once a week to train as a group. Weekly modules will also include training schedules, cross- training recommendations and “homework” routines.

Program Outline

Each weekly training session will begin with a low intensity training run followed by head-to-toe range of motion stretches and deep rhythmic breathing exercises to prepare runners for short distance sprints and

fast-twitch muscle conditioning drills; including,

  • 10 & 20 metre dills,
  • Basic Speed Sprints,
  • Form Tuning Routines,
  • Stride Count & Turnover Repeats,
  • 30 & 40 metre drills...
  • Transfer of Energy & Power exercises,
  • Accelerated Sprint Repeats,
  • Confidence Building,
  • Team Spirit and so much more....


Participants must have developed a solid running base and foundation of cardiovascular fitness.

*Please consult your physician if you are unsure of your ability to meet the physical demands of a vigorous physical training program.

Candidates must be able to run a minimum 5K distance at 6:1 intervals and have completed a minimum 2-month basic running program

and/or participated in the FITNESSfive42

“Chance of a Lifestyle™ – 5K Learn to Run program before incorporating speed drills into their fitness & training regimen.

Start date: Tuesday June 4, 2013

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: Shubie Drive - lower parking lot

Dartmouth Crossing(near the overpass to Shubie Park)

Cost: $39.99 + HST per person

*To Register please proceed to our

online Registration Page

Run Strong - Run Fast(er) with FITNESSfive42

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